Permissions and Attribution

Permissions for Use: Seeking permission to reprint, use, or distribute information from a SARE publication? SARE information is developed using federal funds and is protected under copyright law. Copyright is retained by SARE and the University of Maryland.

SARE content may be copied and distributed with attribution for fair use purposes.

Limited portions of SARE-produced content (e.g. images, text, graphs, figures, tables and/or media files) may be used for not fair use and commercial purposes with permission only, provided:

  • it is used in unadapted form only, and
  • attribution is given to SARE (and the content creator when relevant)

SARE cannot grant permission to duplicate and/or reprint unlimited portions of SARE content for not fair use or commercial purposes.

Please submit permission requests to:

Andy Zieminski
Content Coordinator

[email protected]

Please describe the content you'd like to use and how you plan to use it. Thanks for putting SARE information to good use!

When reprinting SARE information, please credit the SARE program using the following language, when possible:

Excerpted (reprinted) with permission from <PUBLICATION NAME>, published by Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Outreach, USDA - National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA). Citation of SARE materials does not constitute SARE’s or USDA's endorsement of any product, organization, view or opinion. For more information about SARE and sustainable agriculture, see