How to Manage the Blue Orchard Bee

SARE Outreach
2002 | 87 pages
Cover page of a book about managing Blue Orchard Bee's with a photo of blossoming trees in the background.

In recent years, the blue orchard bee (BOB) has become established as an alternative orchard pollinator in North America. With a strong preference for fruit trees, BOBs are highly efficient pollinators; in fact, just 250-300 females will pollinate an entire acre of apples or almonds. BOBs forage and pollinate under cloudy skies and at lower temperatures than most other bees. They are easy to manage and rarely sting. To learn how to manage BOBs for successful orchard pollination, consult this guide from the USDA-ARS Bee Biology and Systematics Laboratory.

Learn about:

  • BOB natural history
  • Building nesting materials
  • Rearing and wintering populations
  • Field management for maximum pollination
  • Deterring parasites and predators