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Jeanne Carver

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Jeanne Carver video

In the full-length video on the Imperial Stock Ranch in Eastern Oregon (Direct Marketing for Farmers and Ranchers), Jeanne Carver described how their ranching business had to come up with a new marketing approach to address concerns about declining markets and competition from overseas. That process revolved around four key activities: 1) Identify the product and its market potential; 2) Determine the type and level or processing needed for your product; 3) Create a marketing package and message; and 4) Develop a plan for how to market and sell your product.

In this short companion video, Jeanne provides a clear example of how this process unfolds and how farmers and ranchers need to be adaptable to changing circumstances and needs. The major theme running through her story here is how important it is to listen to the customer. From that starting point, she goes on to describe how they have opened up a whole new market by creating ready-made apparel that people who don’t knit can purchase for themselves or as gifts.

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