Biogas: A Renewable Biofuel

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University of Florida researchers studied the application of biodigestion on small farms to convert organic waste into bioenergy and biofertilizers. Researcher Ann Wilkie and graduate student Ryan Graunke, developed this website to share the activities of the project.

There were two primary outcomes of the project: The first outcome is that the waste audits and feedstock analyses have allowed researchers to create a database of organic wastes available to small farms as potential feedstocks for biodigestion. This database will be made available on the website in the future. The second outcome is the small-farm-scale biodigester constructed for the project that is now a permanent fixture at the laboratory. Visitors to the lab will be able to see and learn about a functional biodigester that can be assembled using readily available materials and without any energy or technological inputs. The biodigester will also be the centerpiece for future field days to be held with the UF/IFAS Small Farm and Alternative Enterprises.

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