2003 High Tunnel Production Manual

Created with SARE support
William James Lamont and Michael D. Orzolek | 2003
High Tunnel

This season extension manual, covering commercial hoop house and high tunnel production, is available in hard copy for purchase only.

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - A Short History of Protected Horticulture: World and Regional Perspectives
Chapter 3 - High Tunnel Construction and Maintenance
Chapter 4 - High Tunnel Planting: Bed Arrangements and Tillage Considerations
Chapter 5 - High Tunnel Irrigation Options
Chapter 6 - The High Tunnel Cropping Environment: Understanding How Things Work
Chapter 7 - High Tunnel: Integrated Pest Management: Insects and Mites
Chapter 8 - High Tunnel Disease Management
Chapter 9 - High Tunnel Nutrient Management: Fertilizers, Composts, and Cover Crops
Chapter 10 - High Tunnel Mulching Options
Chapter 11 - High Tunnel Vegetable Crop Production
Chapter 12 - High Tunnel Berry Production
Chapter 13 - High Tunnel Sweet Cherry Production
Chapter 14 - High Tunnel Cut Flower Production
Chapter 15 - The Economics of High Tunnel Production
Chapter 16 - Marketing High Tunnel Crops
Chapter 17 - The Environmental Impact of Plasticulture Technology: Considerations and Initiatives

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