Youth Educator Videos

Youth Educator Videos

Youth Educator Videos

This collection of videos features SARE grantees sharing information about the work that they've done as youth educators.

Youth and Sustainable Agriculture at Scattergood Farm in Iowa

Creating Food Security in Tribal Communities

On-Farm Internships at Bertrand Farm in Michigan

Alice's Garden: A Cultural and Historic Urban Farm in Wisconsin

DeKalb County Community School Gardens in Illinois


What is a Topic Room?

The SARE websites contain hundreds of reports, books and other information materials on a wide range of topics. To help make sense of it all, SARE created Topic Rooms, a carefully organized collection of select, mostly SARE-based information on important topics in sustainable agriculture.


Youth Education Flyer

Are you an ag educator or farmer interested in sharing a SARE Topic Room at an event? Consider using this one-page flyer (PDF).