Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Sustainable Production and Use of On-Farm Energy

Harnessing wind energy on-farm reduces emissions from fossil fuels and provides a cost savings. Small wind turbines do not emit pollution and need no water.

A small wind electric system will work for you if:

  • There is enough wind where you live
  • Tall towers are allowed in your neighborhood or rural area (or you live in flat terrain with no tall obstacles nearby)
  • You have enough space
  • You can determine how much electricity you need or want to produce
  • You can interconnect with your utility service provider (assuming you have a grid-connection application)
  • It works for you economically. 

 (Taken from OpenEI Small Wind Guidebook)

The following resources will help determine if on-farm wind energy will work for your farm or ranch.

Small Wind

Type: Western SARE Grantee-Produced Info Product

This series explores the applications and benefits of small wind. It is designed to help you understand both the benefits and limitations of small wind before you buy a system.

Published: 2012

On-Farm Energy Production - Wind


Is wind energy a viable option for your home or business to lower reliance on the grid supplied electricity? In this module, learn how to gauge your the wind resource where you live and calculate the likely annual electricity production.


Thirsty Livestock? Use Sun or Wind to Power a Remote Watering System


Are you getting tired of hauling water to livestock in remote pastures? Jonathan Barter will show us the renewable energy powered watering system on his 210 acre livestock farm. This webinar is part of the 2014 Sustainable Farm Energy Webinar Series, partially funded by the Northeast SARE's New York Professional Development Program.

Powering Your Farm Off-the-Grid


Is it possible to operate a farm off-the-grid, and what are the challenges and opportunities? Raymond Luhrman will take you on a virtual tour of Fox Creek Farm and describe how his family operates their 350 member  Community Supported Agriculture operation from electricity produced right on site. This webinar is part of the New Generation Energy Webinar Series, partially funded by the Northeast SARE's New York Professional Development Program.

The Savonius Rotor


One farmer's prototype of a silo-mounted augmented Savonius wind turbine that can deliver substantial power output, yet is inexpensive and simple enough in its construction, installation, and electrical engineering to be easily built and maintained on a typical small farm.

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Additional Resources

The following resources, which were not funded or produced by SARE, contain valuable information.

USDA National Agricultural Library - Wind Energy: Find information about wind power technologies, research, policies and programs

ATTRA/NCAT - Wind Energy: Publications and links to other resources

OpenEI - Small Wind Guidebook: Multi-chapter book and resource portal by state

e-Extension - Wind Energy for Homeowners, Farmers and Small Businesses: Research-based information from America's land-grant universities

How to order

Availability varies by resource (many are accessible for free online). See individual resources for more information.