Nutrient Management in Corn Production

Nutrient Management in Corn Production

Nutrient Management in Corn Production

Cornell University agronomy fact sheet

The following Cornell University agronomy fact sheets were developed during a 2009 SARE grant to help farmers and educators better evaluate nutrient cycling in corn production, thereby equipping them with information to make improved whole-farm management decisions:

Visit Cornell University's Nutrient Management Spear Program for a complete list of more than 70 fact sheets on nutrient management.

A Whole-Farm Nutrient Balance Calculator is also available.

Want more information? See the related SARE grant(s) ENE09-112, Greater impact of advisor-farmer interactions through improved tools for whole-farm evaulation , LNE11-307, Potassium and Sulfur Management of alfalfa; Farmer-driven testing of management methods and ONE12-162, Developing a practical guide to using the CSNT and ISNT for improved nitrogen balances on dairy farms .

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