Backpack Sprayers for Small-Scale Farms

Backpack Sprayers for Small-Scale Farms

Backpack Sprayers for Small-Scale Farms

Modified backpack sprayers offer simple design, inexpensive pricing, professional nozzle technology, accuracy, and easy, safe filling and cleaning. This makes them an efficient, ideal choice for small, organic, or urban farms, small jobs on larger farms, and for short-season crops, spot problems, work around field impediments (fences, slopes), and work inside high tunnels and greenhouses.

Rutgers NJAES Snyder Research Farm Director John Grande has tested and now shares methods to modify backpack sprayers in ways that increase accuracy and improve usability. Results are explained over seven short videos and many useful handouts and other learning and presentation tools.

The videos are available through Rutgers University and on YouTube below:

Want more information? See the related SARE grant(s) ENE06-096, Matching small-farm crop sprayer application technology with OMRI and traditional agricultural products , and ENE09-111, Organic vegetable production weed control strategies: Integrating precision cultivation,weed biology and OMRI herbicides .

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Year: 2013
Author(s): John Grande
Location: New Jersey | North Central | Northeast | South | West
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