Talking Chicken: Practical Advice on Heirloom C...

Talking Chicken: Practical Advice on Heirloom Chickens & Eggs

Talking Chicken: Practical Advice on Heirloom Chickens & Eggs

A resurgence of interest in heritage poultry breeds has invigorated poultry raising on family farms and backyards across the country. These are the birds that can and should be producing for today’s marketplace – for consumers that have come to value locally bred and grown, historically significant agricultural food. This book from Acres USA offers valuable insight into rare, heritage and heirloom breed selection, chick raising, breeding, and marketing so you can start your own fully sustainable heritage chicken flock and raise eggs or meat for your family or small farm business. 

Want more information? See the related SARE grant(s) FNC07-687, The River Hills Purebred Poultry Marketing Alliance Research Project .

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Year: 2011
Author(s): Kelly Klober
Location: Missouri | North Central | Northeast | South | West
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