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Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program. SARE studies and spreads information about sustainable agriculture via a nationwide grants program and practical publications. (301) 405-7955;; See the Direct Marketing Resource Guide at

Alternative Farming Systems Information Center (AFSIC). Provides on-line information resources, referrals and searching on alternative marketing topics. (301) 504-6559,; See comprehensive directory, Organic Agricultural Products: Marketing and Trade Resources,, or request free CD.

Agricultural Marketing Resource Center. Information resources for value-added agriculture.

Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS), USDA. Information on direct markets, funding sources and publications about sales to schools/restaurants.

ATTRA. National information service offers 200+ free publications. Call (800) 346-9140; Spanish: (800) 411-3222; or go to for:
- Direct Marketing Business Management Series
- Adding Value to Farm Products: An Overview
- Fresh to Processed: Adding Value for Specialty Markets
- Bringing Local Food to Local Institutions

Growing for Market. National monthly newsletter for direct market farmers. $30/yr.; (800) 307-8949;

North American Farmers’ Direct Marketing Association, Southampton, MA (413) 529-0386 or (888) 884-9270;


Agritourism and Nature Tourism in California by University of California, Davis.

Center for Agribusiness and Economic Development Lists publications on running farmstands, promoting “agri-tainment,” etc.

Direct Farm Marketing and Tourism Handbook by the University of Arizona.

Farmers Market Promotion Program. Grants program from USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service for farmers markets, roadside stands, CSA. Also see Farmers Market Consortium Resource Guide,

Managing the Liability and Risks of Farm Direct Marketing and Agritourism by USDA's Risk Management
Agency. Resources for understanding and analyzing potential liability risks.

Market Decision Making Toolbox for farmers markets Michigan Food & Farming System.

Resources for Farmers Markets by the Northeast/Midwest Institute. Includes market locators and funding sources.

The New Farmers’ Market: Farm-Fresh Ideas For Producers, Managers & Communities by Eric Gibson. Tips for farmers and market managers and city planners. $24.95 + $3.95.; (301) 374-9696.

Sharing the Harvest: A Guide to Community-Supported Agriculture by Elizabeth Henderson with Robyn Van En. Lays out the basic tenets of CSA for farmers and consumers. 270 pp; $24.95. (800) 639-4099;

Tourism and Community Development Resources and Applied Research Clearinghouse , University of Wisconsin, Madison.


CSU Chico Grass Fed Beef Website. Includes research articles reviewing the documented health benefits of grassfed beef, information on how to create a label for your meat that complies with federal regulations, recipes and more.

Farm Fresh: Direct Marketing Meats and Milk by Allan Nation. Answers to how, how much, when, or where to sell grass-fed meat or milk for the highest profits. 251 pp; $35.60.

How to Direct Market Your Beef by the Sustainable Agriculture Network. Practical tips for selling grass-raised beef to direct markets. 96 pp; $14.95.; (301) 374-9696.


Farmers and their Diversified Horticultural Marketing Strategies by the Center for Sustainable Agriculture. 48-minute video, $15.; (802) 656-5459.

Food Marketing & Processing Food Map. A comprehensive clearinghouse of marketing and processing information on identifying new markets, locating processing equipment, etc.

Safe Sell Dairy: Creative Ways to Sell Dairy Products at Farmer's Markets by Courtney Haase. Product presentation, sampling and good market etiquette. 76 pp.; $8.

Selling Directly to Restaurants and Retailers by UC-SAREP. Tips for a successful, entrepreneurial relationship with local restaurants, retailers.


Building a Sustainable Business: A Guide to Developing a Business Plan for Farms and Rural Businesses, by the Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture and the Sustainable Agriculture Network. A guide for agricultural entrepreneurs. 272 pp; $17 + s/h.; (301) 374-9696.

Farming Alternatives: A Guide to Evaluating the Feasibility of New Farm-Based Enterprises (NRAES-32). $8 + $3.75 s/h to Natural Resource, Ag & Engineering Service.; (607) 255-7654.

The Legal Guide for Direct Farm Marketing by Neil Hamilton. Tips about legal issues when direct-marketing farm products. $20 + $3 s/h to Agricultural Law Center, Drake University.; (515) 271-2947.

New Farm Options University of Wisconsin Extension. New niche markets and business start-up issues.

NxLeveL This agricultural entrepreneurs program module offers in-depth training and materials for farmers seeking marketing opportunities.;; (800) 873-9378.

USDA Rural Business Cooperative Services. Supports cooperatives in areas such as marketing.; (202) 720-7558;

SARE works in partnership with Extension and Experiment Stations at land grant universities to deliver practical information to the agricultural community. Contact your local Extension office for more information.

This bulletin was written by Laura Sayre, a freelance writer based in Bucks County, Pa., for the Sustainable Agriculture Network and was funded by USDA-NIFA under Coooperative Agreement 2004-47001-01829.


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