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Ten Years of SARE

Opportunities in Agriculture Bulletin



North Central Region Professional Development Projects

Professional Training in Soil Quality (ENC97-027)
Multi-Agency On-Farm Sustainable Agriculture Training (ENC97-026)
Grazing Education for Educators and Bankers (ENC97-025)
Environment for Community Supported Agriculture (ENC97-024)
Organic Vegetable Production Workshop (ENC97-023)
Education for Permaculture as a Native Science (ENC97-022)
Holistic Resource Management Workshop (ENC97-021)
Legal Guide for Farm Marketers (ENC97-020)
Minnesota Sustainable Farming Association Chapter Networking (ENC97-019)
Opportunities for Families on Small Farms (ENC97-016.1)
Self-Directed Participatory Agent Learning (ENC97-012.1)
Sustainable Agriculture Distance Learning Curriculum (ENC97-002.2)
Sustainable Agriculture Training Project for North Dakota and South Dakota (ENC96-02)
Organic Production and Marketing Curriculum for Extension Professional Development (Merits and Adoptability of Organic Agriculture) (ENC96-18)
In-Service Training in Sustainable Agriculture and Agricultural Ecology of NRCS Personnel and Partners (ENC96-17)
Sustaining a Desirable Quality of Life through New Agricultural Opportunities for Farm Families on Small Farms (ENC96-16)
Strengthening the Whole-Farm Planning Process through Producer-Agent Partnerships and Professional Development (ENC96-15)
Decision Cases for Sustainable Agriculture: A Video Training Project for Professional Development (ENC96-14)
Utilizing the Concept of Whole-Farm Planning to Educate Agricultural Professionals and Farm Families in Ohio about Sustainable Agriculture (ENC96-13)
Participatory Learning between Farms and Field Crop Area of Expertise Team Members (ENC96-12)
Accessing Community-Based Information Sources for Improving Surface Water Quality (ENC96-11)
Quality of Life Module for Extension Professional Development (ENC95-008)
Building Collaborative Partnerships with Farming Systems Research and Extension (ENC95-10)
A Comprehensive Educational Program for "Training the Trainers" in Sustainable Agriculture in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa (ENC95-09)
Quality of Life Module for Extension Professional Development (ENC95-08)
Experiential Co-Learning for Professional Development in Sustainable Agriculture (ENC95-07)
Increasing Trainer Literacy in Sustainable Agriculture (ENC95-06)
Life After CRP (ENC95-05)
Local Sustainable Agriculture Team Building: A Sustainable Agriculture Training Model (ENC95-04)
Developing Educational Materials and Schools for Sustainable and Profitable Grazing Systems (ENC95-03a)
North Dakota/South Dakota Professional Development Project (ENC94-02)
North Central Sustainable Agriculture Training Program (ENC94-01)

Northeast Region Professional Development Projects
North Central

A Comprehensive Training in Sustainable Agriculture (ENE97-36)
Review and Evaluation of Educational and Reference Materials Pertaining to Nutrient Management and Soil Health for Sustainable Agriculture Production (ENE97-35)
CSA--Building a Future for Farming in the Northeast (ENE97-34)
Riparian Buffer Training (Enhancement, Installation, and Management of Riparian Buffer Systems) (ENE97-33)
The Farmer's Relevant Voice: A Farmer-Produced Educational Program for Watershed Coordinators (ENE97-32)
Multi-Media Aids and In-Service Training Program for Using Insecticidal Nematodes (ENE97-31)
A Video of Innovations in On-Farm Marketing in New England (ENE97-30)
University of Maine Cooperative Extension Compost School (ENE97-29)
Developing and Publishing Sustainable Farming Resources for Agricultural Extension Professionals and Field Crop Producers (ENE97-28)
In-Service Training on Sustainable Animal Agriculture (ENE96-27)
Management and Evaluation of Soil Health: Inservice Education for the Mid-Atlantic Region (ENE96-26)
Cooperating for Sustainability and Adding Value: A Training Program on Cooperatives and Value Added Marketing for USDA Staff in the Northeast (ENE96-25)
Training, Networking and Demonstrating Whole Farm Forage Grazing Systems (ENE96-24)
Communication and Outreach for Sustainable Agriculture: A Video Training Program for Extension (ENE96-23)
Video Training on Improving Water Quality Featuring Farmers and Their Practices in the German Branch Watershed (ENE96-22)
Regionally Based Professional Development Program for Grazing Systems Management (ENE96-21)
Holistic Resource Management: Eastern NY Pilot Project (ENE96-20)
Development of Dairy Farm Management Groups in Vermont and New Hampshire (ENE96-18)
Teaching to Achieve Sustainable Management of Phytophthora Diseases on Horticultural Crops (ENE96-17)
A Diagnostic Team Approach to Enhancing Dairy Farm Sustainability (ENE96-16)
Farmer-to-Farmer Learning Groups-Curriculum for Establishment and Facilitation (ENE96-15)
A Video Training on Cultivation Featuring Talented Farmers & Their Weed Control Machines (ENE95-9)
New England Extension Sustainable Agriculture Training Program (ENE95-8)
Information Management Training for Integrated Crop and Pest Management (ENE95-7)
Addressing the Needs of Extension Faculty & Staff Through a New York State Cover Crop Symposium (ENE95-6)
Promoting Sustainable Agriculture Through a Systems Approach to Consensus Building and Public Policy Education (ENE95-14)
Whole-Farm/Whole-Watershed Planning for Sustainable Agriculture (ENE95-13)Sustainable Agriculture in Northeast Communities: New Roles, New Skills for Agricultural Educators (ENE95-12)
On-Farm Research & Extension Education Program (ENE95-11)
Education of Extension Workers in Sustainable Agriculture Practices Utilizing the PASA Conference and Farm Visits (ENE95-10)
Developing a Northeast Pasture User Support Group Network to Sustain Agriculture (ENE94-5)
Education of Pennsylvania Extension Workers in Sustainable Agriculture Practices (ENE94-4)
Sustainable Agriculture In-Service Education: Managing Resources for the Future (ENE94-3)
Extension Agent Training in Sustainable Agriculture (ENE94-2)
New England Extension Sustainable Agriculture Training Program (ENE94-18)

Southern Region Professional Development Projects
North Central

Southern Region Sustainable Ag Training Consortium (ES97-14)
Kentucky Cooperative Extension System Training Project (ES97-15)
Developing Trained Professionals and Teaching Aids to Support Educational Programs Addressing Management of Stored Grain in the Southeast (ES97-16)
The First Requirement of Agriculture Sustainability: Efficient Management of Available Resources (ES97-18)
Nuisances in the Community: Training on the Issues and the Methods of Mediation (ES97-19)
State Training in Integrated Erosion Control Systems (ES97-20)
Building Capacity in Sustainable Agriculture: A Comprehensive Training Program in Organic Farming Systems for Cooperative Extension Agents, Specialists, and Other Educators (ES97-25)
Community Food Security and Marketing Capacity Development in Kentucky (ES97-26)
Training Program for Agriculture Educators Targeting Integrated Cow/Calf Operation Management Systems (ES97-27A)
Grassroots Empowerment in Kentucky's Local Conservation Districts: Leadership Training on Sustainable Land and Water Quality Management Practices (ES97-28)
Implementing Tennessee's Strategic Plan for Sustainable Agriculture: Utilizing On-Farm Case Studies for Teaching Advanced Management and Marketing to Extension Staff (ES97-29)
Integrated Production of Sustainable Crops for Small Farmers in North Florida (ES97-30)
Development of Sustainability Checksheet, Manual and Workshops to Train Educators Planning Beef Programs (E597-31)
Responding to Expressed Needs: SARE/ACE Regional Training with the Sustainable Dairy Systems Manual and Software (ES97-32)
Alternative Sustainable Practices for Selected Crops in Puerto Rico (ES97-33)
Multi-State Value Added Team Building in the Northern Mississippi River Delta Region (ES97-34)
Integrated Strategic Plan for Sustainable Agriculture (ES97-35)
Sustainable Agriculture Training Initiative for Texas (ES97-36)
Sustainable Agriculture Marketing through Collaborative Policy Development (LST96-13)
Facilitating Farmer to Farmer Networks: An Experimental Approach (LST96-12)
Southern Gathering on Agricultural Problem Solving (LST96-11)
Sustainable Small-Scale Agricultural Development Training Project (LST96-10)
Management-intensive Grazing: Foundation of Sustainable Agriculture in the South (LST96-09)
Southern Region Sustainable Agriculture Training Consortium (LST%-8/LST94-1)
Evaluating Sustainability: Gaining Insights (LST94-7)
Extending Sustainable Agriculture Concepts and Practices to Traditional Agricultural Advisors (LST94-6)
Sustainable Cotton Production for the South (LST94-5)
Sustainable Dairy Systems Manual and Training (LST94-4)
Environmentally and Economically Sustainable Use of Rangeland (LST94-2)

Western Region Professional Development Projects
North Central

Constructing a Herbarium, Collection and Key to Medicinal and Other Traditional Plants of Samoa (EW97-18)
Composting Education and Information Access for Western Agriculture (EW97-12)
Sustainable Youth Education: Professional Development for Youth Program Leaders and Educators (EW`97-07)
In-Depth Training and Work Experience on a Community Supported Agriculture (C.S.A. Farm (EW97-05)
Developing an Educational Program for Teaching Science-Based Concepts of Grass Regrowth for Improved Grazing Management (EW97-04)
Tools for Sustainability: Sustainable Agriculture Video Training Tapes for the Pacific Islands Region (EW97-03)
Sustainable Range & Pasture Livestock & Professional Training in Biologically Integrated Orchard Systems (EW96-11)
Continuation - "Training Agents" in On-Farm Implementation of Sustainable Management Systems for Tropical Agriculture in Hawaii and the Pacific Region (EW96-14)
Professional Training in Biologically Integrated Orchard Systems (EW96-11)
Sustainable Arid Land Grazing Systems: Training for Managers of Public Lands and Reserves (EW96-10)
Sustainable Agriculture Curriculum Development Project for Extension Professionals in California's San Joaquin Valley and Central Coast Regions (EW96-09)
Organic Food Production and Marketing - Tours and Resource Guide (EW96-06)
Multidisciplinary On-Site Training in Sustainable Agriculture Education (EW96-05)
Extension Faculty Learning with Farmers-A Seminar Series on Sustainable Agriculture (EW96-04)
Improving Manure Management to Protect Water Quality in the Southwestern U. S. (EW96-02)
Video Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture in the Western U.S. (EW95-18)
A Consortium-Based Sustainable Agriculture Training Program (SAT) Curriculum (EW95-15)
Sustainable Agriculture Training Project A Model of Collaborative Learning (EW95-12)
Sustainable Integrated Range Livestock& Professional Development Systems (EW95-08)
Agency Personnel Training in Riparian Monitoring and Management of Wildlife and Livestock in the Intermountain West (EW95-03)
Sustainable Noxious Weed Management on Northwestern Rangelands (EW95-02)
Educational Video on Watershed Management Practices for Pinyon-Juniper Ecosystem (EW95-01)
Extension Sustainable Agriculture Training in Colorado and Wyoming (EW94-18)
Training 'Agents" in On-Farm Implementation of Sustainable Management Systems for Tropical Agriculture in Hawaii and the Pacific Region (EW94-14)
Permaculture Systems Pamphlet (EW94-09)
Pacific Northwest Sustainable Agriculture Systems Training Program (EW94-08)
Multidisciplinary On-Site Training in Sustainable Agriculture Education (EW94-03)

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