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Ten Years of SARE

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North Central Region Horticulture Production Projects

Use of Cover Crop Practices to Control Weeds in Integrated Lower-Chemical Input Systems of Vegetable Production (LNC97-118)
Ornamental Bittersweet Production for Small Woodland Farms (FNC97-195)
Native Minnesota Medicinal Production Feasibility Study (FNC97-178)
Sustainable Mushroom Cultivation in the North for Disabled Growers (FNC96-162)
Extending the Vegetable Production Season in Northern Michigan with Polyhouses (FNC96-152)
Growing Day-Neutral Strawberries using the Sunbelt/Polyacrylamide Gel System (FNC96-135)
Harvesting Wildflower Seed Crops from Marginal Lands (FNC95-98)
Native Elderberry and Plum as Income Source from Waste Ground (FNC95-106)
Sustainable Organic Apple Production (FNC94-75)
Wildflowers on Marginal Lands (FNC94-72)
Evaluating Liquid Manure as Nutrient Source in a Commercial Orchard (FNC93-49)
Hairy Vetch as Weed Control Cover Crop in Vegetable Production (FNC92-14)
LISA as Applied to Vegetable Production Systems (LNC91-33)
Sustainable Production Systems for Vegetables (LNC90-29)

Northeast Region Horticulture Projects
North Central

Chinese Medicinal Herbs as Crops for the Northeast (LNE97-92)
Nitrogen Management for Pumpkins and Squash (LNE97-83)
Improving Production Methods for Shiitake Mushrooms (FNE97-189)
Conservation of Wild Blueberry and Cranberry Pollinators (FNE97-175)
Regulation of Lateral Branching in Genovese Basil (Ocimum basilicum) via Application of Bacterial Spray (FNE97-174)
Greenhouse Subsurface Pipe System to Convert Solar Energy to Soil Heat (FNE97-173)
Establishing and Enlarging on Maine Ginseng Production (FNE97-167)
High Tunnel Strawberries for New England (FNE97-164)
Echinacea Field Trials (FNE97-160)
At-Harvest Stalk Nitrate Testing for Sweet Corn (LNE96-73)
Sorghum Syrup Production in Vermont (FNE96-157)
Best Method for Establishing Globe Artichoke Seedlings (FNE96-151)
Alternative Rotation System for Vegetables (FNE96-146)
The Use of Ethylene as a Chemical Pinching Agent on Floricultural Crops (FNE96-141)
Kenaf/Vegetable Rotation in an Organic Farming System (FNE96-139)
Sustainable Pollination of Wild Blueberry and Cranberry (FNE96-138)
The Development of Rhubarb Agriculture in Maine (FNE96-135)
Sustainable Yield Sugaring & Marketing (FNE96-133)
Plant Population Effect on Yields of Sweet Corn (FNE96-130)
Pedal-Powered Tillage for a Small Community-Supported Farm (CSA) (FNE96-129)
Permanent Bed Vegetable Production Systems (FNE96-117)
Improving the Profitability & Adaptation of the High-Density Strawberry Production System for the Northeast (LNE95-57)
Presidedress Soil Nitrate Test for Fall Cabbage (LNE95-56)
Best Methods of Establishing Newly Planted Cranberry Vine (FNE95-99)
Viability of a Mechanically Killed Cover Crop in NE Vegetable Cropping (FNE95-98)
Organic Tomato Production/Marketing Manual (FNE95-96)
The Use of Ethylene as a Chemical Pinching on Agent Floricultural Crops (FNE95-94)
Dehydrated Carrots: An Opportunity for Alternative Crops and Sustainable Agriculture in Northern Maine (FNE95-89)
The Value of Low Maintenance Turfgrass for Cut Flower Production (FNE95-86)
Season Extension For Vegetable Crops in Zone 4 (FNE95-85)
Harvesting and Marketing Chinese Chestnuts (FNE95-80)
Developing a Sustainable Approach to Hop Production in Northeast (FNE95-79)
Utilizing a Living Mulch System for Specialty Cut Flower Production & Pasture Regeneration (FNE95-110)
Season Extension Through Annual Organic Strawberry Production & Fall Vegetable Production (FNE95-104)
Development of Woodlands Growing Method for New England Native Wildflowers & Medicinal Plants (FNE95-102)
Organic Hardy Kiwi Production (FNE95-101)
Presidedress Soil Nitrate Testing for Sweet Corn (ANE94-19)
Disease Forecasting/Reducing Fungicide on Grapes (FNE94-63)
Early Winter Strawberry Production (FNE94-76)
Increasing Options for Cover Cropping in the Northeast (FNE94-66)
Long Term No-Till Cover Crop Seeding in Vineyards (FNE94-64)
Evaluation of Water Retaining Soil Amendment, Cropping Systems and an Alternative Labor Source for Vegetable Production (FNE94-57)
Lingonberry as an Alternative Small Fruit Crop (FNE94-55)
Feasibility and Propagation of Leafcutter Bee in Maine (FNE94-53)
Determination of Factors that Contribute to Alasa Farm's Significantly Lower Pesticide Costs when Compared to the Area Average as Reported in Cornell's
1992 Fruit Business Summary (FNE94-45)
Finger Lakes Chestnut Project (FNE94-42)
Trough Sub-Irrigation Versus Traditional Overhead Watering (FNE94-41)
Evaluation of Alternatives to Synthetic Chemicals and Lime for Nutrient Supply, Weed Suppression, and pH Control on Raspberry Plants (FNE93-35)
Managing Crowded Woodlots though Shiitake Mushroom Production (FNE93-32)
Soil Heating in Unheated Tunnels (FNE93-29)
Cranberry 2000 (FNE93-24)
Ginseng Production Project (FNE93-07)
Demonstrating the Economic and Environmental Advantages of Legume Cover Crops to New England Vegetable Growers (LNE92-31)
Ecosystem-Based Orchard Management For Processing Apples (ANE92-12)
Alternative Rotation System for Vegetable Production and Soil Conservation (ANE92-11)
Extension of the Pre-Sidedress Soil Nitrate Test for New Jersey Field and Sweet Corn Growers (ANE91-04)
Whole-Farm Impact of Converting Conventionally Managed Eastern Vineyards to Organic Management Practices (LNE90-20)
Reduced Tillage: Alternative Cropping Systems for Vegetable Production in the Northeast (LNE89-19)
Implementation of Electronic Decision Support Technology for Apple Production (LNE88-08)
Cover Crops for New England Vegetable Growers: On-Farm Research, Economic Analysis and Outreach (LNE88-05)

Southern Region Horticulture Projects
North Central

Economics of Seasonal Extension of Cut Flower Production (FS97-60)
Evaluation of an Alternative Low-Input Production System for Fresh Market Tomato (FS97-58)
Effect of Limited Environmental Controls on Shiitake Mushroom Production in the Southern Coastal Plain (FS97-57)
Sustainable Pumpkin Production in the Southeast (FS97-52)
Evaluation of Mycorrhizal Inoculation on Growth and Quality of Three Eastern North Carolina Christmas Tree Species (FS97-48)
Development of Sustainable Cropping Systems for Seedless Watermelon and Fall Lettuce in Rotation with Green Manures (LS96-77)
Developing Sustainable Crop Management Systems for Improving Production of Culinary Herbs in the Virgin Islands (LS96-75)
Identification of Cover Crops to Enhance the Habitat of Specific Beneficial Insects in Sustainable Production Systems (FS96-37)
Sustainable Cultivation of Medicinal Herbs as an Alternative to Tobacco as a Cash Crop (FS96-43)
Agronomic & Economic Benefits of Intercropping Bean with Banana (LS95-72)
Managing Soil Phosphorous Accumulation From Poultry Litter Application Through Vegetable/Legume Rotations (LS95-69)
Demonstration of the Use of Cover Crops in Integrated Vegetable Production Systems (FS95-33)
Native Pecan Orchard Management Using Best Management Practices (FS95-32)
Improving Tropical Soils by Utilizing Organic Wastes (FS95-28)
Demonstration of High Value, Small Scale Sustainable Vegetable and Fruit Production Methods (FS95-27)
Development of Potting Soil Mixes from Local Wastes (FS95-25)
No-Till Vegetable Demonstration (FS95-20)
Cut Flowers as a Sustainable Agriculture Alternative (FS94-14)
Plant Shelters to Extend the Growing Season for Herbs (FS94-13)
Clover Clippings as Replacement for Chicken Litter in Compost (FS94-11)

Western Region Horticulture Projects
North Central

Growing American and Korean Ginseng in Alaska (FW97-026)
Evaluation of a Perennial Vegetable, Asparagus, as a New Commercial Crop for Hawaiian Farmers (SW96-03)
Organic vs. Synthetic Fertilizer- Container Nursery Trials (FW96-067)
Vegetable Soybean Cultivar Trials (FW96-030)
Green Manure/ Covercrop Combination Experiment (FW96-007)
A Cover Crop System for Sustainable Grape Production in California -- Beyond the Transition Phase (SW95-12)
Orchard Alley Cropping the Subhumid Tropics (AW95-103)
Managing a Living Mulch System in an Intensive Organic Vegetable Cropping Operation to Enhance Weed, Nutrient, and Pest Management (FW95-078)
Development and Demonstration of Integrated Vegetable Production Systems for the Maritime Pacific Northwest (SW94-29)
On-Farm Demonstration of Integrated Vegetable Production Systems for the Maritime Pacific Northwest (LW92-1)
Prune Refuges and Cover Crops to Facilitate Low-Input Production of California's Raisin, Table, and Wine Grapes (LW91-26)
A Comparative Study of Low Input and High Input Taro Production in American Pacific with Special Reference to Pest Control (LW89-11)
Planning Funds to Develop a Proposal to Study Low-Input and High-Input Taro Production (LW88-07)
Evaluation and Design of Low-Input Sustainable Vegetable/Small Grain and Small Fruit Systems of Western Oregon and Washington (LW88-01)

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