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Ten Years of SARE

Opportunities in Agriculture Bulletin



North Central Region Education Projects

Yesterday's Research for Tomorrow's Needs (LNC97-123)
Training and Transitioning New Farmers: A Practical Experiment in Farmer Self-Development and Institutional Reinvention (LNC97-115)
Enhancing Adoption of Sustainable Agriculture Practices via Farmer-Driven Research (LNC97-112)
Farm Beginnings: An Educational Training and Support Program to Establish Young Dairy Farmers in Southeast Minnesota (LNC97-111)
Great Circle Farm CSA/Permaculture Demonstration Site (FNC97-191)
Farmer Networking to Direct Precision Ag Technologies Toward Sustainability (FNC97-186)
Innovative Farmers Seeking Sustainable Solutions Through On-Farm Demonstrations (FNC97-167)
Integration of Indigenous Knowledge of Sustainable Agricultural Systems (LNC96-107)
Experiential Learning Activities for an Undergraduate Minor in Sustainable Agriculture Systems (LNC96-103)
People to People: Sustainable Agriculture Networking for Farmers and Rural Communities (LNC96-098)
Organic Farming Mentor Project (FNC96-130)
Implementing Sustainable Agricultural Practices to Attain Organic Certification (FNC94-65)
Training and Transitioning New Farmers: A Practical Experiment in Farmer Self-Development and Institutional Reinvention (LNC95-88)
Fresh-to-Processed: Adding Value for Specialty Markets (LNC95-87)
FFA Participation in On-Farm Demonstrations of New Tools for Optimizing Use of Animal Manures in Education (LNC95-84)
Farmer-to-Farmer Cover Crop Network Complementing On-Farm and On-Station Trials (LNC95-83)
The Development of an On-Farm Learning Center (FNC95-109)
Getting Started in Farming Through Sustainable Agriculture (FNC95-103)
Rotational Grazing Management Internships (FNC95-101)
Comparing Farming Systems with Different Strategies and Input Levels: A Research/Education Program with Replicated Micro-Farms (LNC94-73)
Production of a Videotape Series Demonstrating Improved Grazing Practices to Promote Forage-Based Livestock Production in the Upper Midwest (LNC94-71)
Future Farmers in Sustainable Agriculture (LNC94-67)
Sustainable Community Values Project, Phase 2: Community Supported Agriculture and Quality of Life (LNC93-61.1)
Sustainable Agriculture Mentor Program (LNC93-60)
Beginning Farmer Sustainable Agriculture Project (LNC93-59)
Further Development of Innovative and Practical Education in Sustainable Agriculture in Ohio (LNC92-47.1)
Innovative Approaches to Practical Education in Sustainable Agriculture (LNC92-47)
Midwest Alternative Agriculture Education Network (LNC92-45)
Regional Extension and Education Curricular Materials for Sustainable Agriculture: A Planning Conference (LNC92-43)
Regional Workshop for Educators on the Use of Cover Crops in Sustainable Farming Systems (LNC92-42)
Participatory Research and Education Network for Sustainable Agriculture in Illinois (LNC91-40)
Sustainable Agriculture Training and Support for High School Agriculture Instructors (ANC91-08)
Sustainable Agriculture: Teaching Youth and Teachers (ANC91-07)
A National Conference on Participatory On-Farm Research and Education for Agricultural Sustainability (ANC91-05)
Proven Sustainable Practices From Nebraska Farmers (ANC91-03)
Farmer-to-Farmer Mentorship and Innovative On-Farm Research (ANC91-02)
The Middle Border On-Farm Research Consortium (LNC89.011.1)
Beginning Farmer Sustainable Agriculture Project (LNC89-014.1
Making the Conversion from Conventional to Sustainable Agriculture: A Videotape Series for Farmers (LNC88-18)
On-Farm Experimentation with Practical Low-Cost Alternative for Including Livestock in Sustainable Farming Systems (LNC88-14)
The Middle Border On-Farm Research and Information Network (LNC88-11)
Sustainable Agricultural Education Display Systems (LNC88-08)
Low-Input (Sustainable Agriculture) Database and Information System (LNC88-07)
Low-Input Agriculture and Cover Crop Workshop for Extension and Research Personnel from Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri (LNC88-05)
Sustainable Low-Input Agriculture: An Overview Videotape (LNC88-04)

Northeast Region Education Projects
North Central

CORE VALUES Northeast: A Northeast IPM-- Apple Consumer Education and Market Development Project (LNE97-88)
Design and Implementation of a Searchable Database on Compost Production and Use for Internet Users (LNE97-84)
Education of the Public in the Use of Native Woodland Plants and Wildflowers in the Home Garden (FNE97-182)
Technical Assistance for New Sheep Dairy Farms (FNE97-178)
Outreach and Training for On-Farm Composting (LNE96-76)
Compost Laboratory Education Project (LNE96-71)
Farming for the City Conference (LNE96-68)
Farm to School Food Education Project (LNE96-65)
Development & Adoption of Computerized Crop Record-Keeping Program (FNE96-145)
Agri-Tourism: Educating the Public and Generating On-Farm Income (FNE96-132)
Resource Conservation & Environmental Stewardship in the "Maryland Ag in the Classroom" Curriculum Guide (LNE95-61)
Mentoring Program (FNE95-100)
Water Conservation at the Woodvale Farm (LNE94-48)
Farmer-to-Farmer Directory and Conference (LNE94-41)
Biodiversity Education through the Pennsylvania Forest Stewardship Program (LNE93-38)
Decision Making in Sustainable Agriculture Systems (LNE92-30)
The Northeastern Farmer-to-Farmer Information Exchange (LNE91-28)
Information Dissemination to Increase the Utilization of Soil-Improving Cover Crops in the Northeast Cropping Systems (ANE91-06)
Northeastern Organic and Sustainable Farmer Network: Manual of Current Practices, Extension Training and Field Days (LNE89-14)

Taking Charge: Strategies for Sustainable Agriculture in the Northeast (Video Presentations) (LNE88-11)

Southern Region Education Projects
North Central

Equal Access to Agriculture Programs and Opportunities: Advocacy to End USDA Racial Discrimination and Reestablish Viable and Sustainable Minority Farm Agriculture (LS97-86)
Saving the Southern Legacy: Heirloom Plants and Local Knowledge for Profitable, Sustainable Agriculture (LS96-78)
Low-Input Sustainable Agriculture Short Course (FS96-42)
Using Farm Family Studies to Teach Sustainable Agriculture (LS95-68)
Developing Municipal/On-Farm Linkages for on-Farm Composting and Utilization of Yard Wastes (LS95-71)
Integrating Sustainable Forestry into Whole Farm Management of Minority and Limited Resource Landowners in Three Regions of Arkansas (LS94-61)
Post-CRP Land Management and Sustainable Production Alternatives for Highly Erodible Land in the Southern Great Plains (LS94-58)
Farmer-to-Farmer Transfer of Knowledge About Rotational Grazing (FS94-15)
Southern Region Sustainable Agriculture Workshop (LSE92-01)
Smart--Sustaining and Managing Agricultural Resources for Tomorrow: Training for the Southern Region (LS91-44)
Cover Crops for Clean Water: A National Conference on the Role of Cover Crops in Improving Water Quality (LS91-43)
Intensive Short Course on Grant Preparation for Future Applicants to the LISA Competitive Grants Program (LS91-42)
Economically Viable Production of Vegetables in the Southern Region Using Low-Input and Sustainable Techniques: A Data Base (LS91-32)
A Mid-South Conference on LISA-Related Agroforestry Practices and Policies (LS90-23)
Influence of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) on Low-input Sustainable Agriculture (LISA) in the Southern Region (LS90-22)
An Educational Program in Low-Input Sustainable Agriculture Production Technology and Philosophy (LS90-21)
On-Farm Demonstrations and Research of Low-Input Sustainable Farming (LS89-14)
Planning Funds for a Proposal on Extending the Issue of Sustainable Agriculture to Small Farms in North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia (LS88-05)
Planning Grant: Development of a Farmer/Extension/Research Network and Farming Systems Data Base for Low-Input Agriculture (LS88-04)
Planning Grant: Development of Low-input Agricultural Technology Demonstrations at the Sunbelt Agricultural Exposition Demonstration Farm (LS88-03)

Western Region Education Projects
North Central

Enhancing No-Till and Conservation Farming Success through the Use of Case Studies, Conferences, and Workshops to Facilitate Farmer-to-Farmer Learning in the Pacific Northwest (SW97-34)
Blueprinting Traditional Sustainable Food Production Systems of Samoa in Development of a Research/Extension Model (SW97-13)
Sustaining Agriculture and Community: Moving the Farm Improvement Club Program beyond the Farm Gate (SW96-19)
Western Integrated Ranch/Farm Education (SW96-10)
School Cafeteria Compost System for Soil Amendment Production (FW96-059)
Farming, Agriculture, and Resource Management for Sustainability (FARMS. (FW96-053)
Managing Biological Processes for Maximum Diversity and Productivity (FW96-045)
Composting Farm and Kitchen Wastes in American Samoa (FW95-103)
Farming in the 21st Century: A Documentary Photography Project (SW94-54)
Western Integrated Ranch/Farm Education (SW94-34)
Sustainable Agriculture Training Project: A Model of Collaborative Learning (EW94-06)
Educational Video on Management of Pinon-Juniper Ecosystems -- A New Approach (AW93-10)
Conference on the Science of Sustainable Agricultural Systems (LW92-05)
The Sustainable Farming Quarterly (SFQ) A Regional Newsletter (LW92-04)
Regional Farm and Research Center Matching System-FARMS (LW91-03)
California Sustainable Agriculture Working Group (LW91-01)
Practical Education in Sustainable Production Systems (LW91-25)
Information Delivery Systems for Use in Implementation of LISA (SARE) Research and Technology (LW89-21)
Cover Crop Information for Researchers and Farmers (LW89-20)
Livestock Health and Nutrition Alternatives: A Western States Conference (LW89-19)
Planning Funds to Foster the Development of a Consortium Network Information System Providing Gateway Linkage Between Users and Multiple Data Bases and Information Sources (LW88-09)
Soil-Building Cropping Systems Conference-Legumes and Other Green Manures in Cropping Systems of the Northern Plains, Rockies and Intermountain Region (LW88-06)

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