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North Central Region Animal Production Projects

Evaluating Pasture-Based Poultry Systems: Potential Contribution to Farm Diversification, Human Nutrition, and Marketing Alternatives (LNC97-121)
Use of a Vegetative Filter as an Alternative Waste Management System for a Sustainable, Seasonal Management-Intensive Grazing Dairy (LNC97-120)
Improving Sustainability of Cow-Calf Operations with Natural Forage Systems (LNC97-119)
Maximizing Forage and Minimizing Grain Intake in Bison Fed for Meat (LNC97-113)
Tree Filter & Wetland Livestock Waste Management Plan (FNC97-198)
Rotational Grazing in South Dakota/Dairy Cattle (FNC97-185)
Increased Pasture Profitability Through South African Dorper Sheep (FNC97-182)
The Custom Grazing of Replacement Dairy Heifers on Fuego Fescue and Barenbrug Ryegrass Pasture Under a Management-Intensive Grazing System (FNC97-179)
Grazing Yearlings on Annual Forage Pastures (FNC97-176)
Conversion of a Marginal Row-Crop and CRP Farm to a Seasonal Grass-Based Dairy (FNC97-174)
Swine Finishing in a Hoop Structure with Deep Bedding (FNC97-172)
Restoration of Economic and Ecological Sustainability in Western Rangeland: A Handbook (LNC96-108)
Developing Sustainable Hog Markets and Slaughtering Arrangements for Family Farmers in Missouri (LNC96-105)
The Adams County CRP Research and Demonstration Project (LNC96-097)
Livestock Re-Establishment Research Project at White Violet Farm (FNC96-160)
Exploring Low-Input Alternative for Watering Ewes in Winter (FNC96-159)
Hog Production in an Existing Facility using Swedish Techniques (FNC96-158)
An Analysis of Producing and Niche Direct Marketing Pasture-Finished Beef (FNC96-154)
Life after CRP: The Conservation and Economic Benefits of Improved Grassland Cover Using Managed-Intensive Grazing (FNC96-150)
Sheep Offal Composting Project (FNC96-147)
Pipestone Lamb Marketing Project (FNC96-145)
Finishing Beef Calves on Legume Pasture (FNC96-144)
Networking and Education of Sustainable Bison Producers in the Northern Plains (FNC96-143)
Erosion-Sensitive Farm is Converted to a Clean Water Farm that Includes a Management-Intensive Rotational Grazing System and Well-Planned Calving Facility (FNC96-142)
Extending the Grazing Season in a Rotational Grazing System for Dairy (FNC96-140)
Management-Intensive Grazing (FNC96-132)
Comparison of Finishing Pig Performance in Hoophouse Building vs. a Conventional Slatted, Curtain-Sided Building (FNC96-131)
Establishment of Rotational Grazing System Utilizing Warm and Cool Season Grasses (FNC96-161)
Impacts of Intensive Rotational Grazing on Stream Ecology and Water Quality (LNC95-89)
Importing a Sustainable Model of Feeder Pig Production from Sweden: A Cooperative Project (LNC95-80)
Incorporating Holistic Resource Management (FNC95-120)
Lane Construction: Maintaining High-Quality/ Quantity Pastures, Protecting the Environment and Maximizing Profits (FNC95-097)
Nebraska CRP Research Project Comparing Alternative Uses of Land Currently Enrolled in the CRP Program (FNC95-96)
Intensive Grazing Economic Study (FNC95-95)
Pastured Poultry (FNC95-94)
Composting Poultry and Swine Carcasses (FNC95-93)
On-Farm Systems Research to Raise Slaughter- Ready Beef on Pasture and Grain with Market Development (FNC95-92)
Winter Farrowing in a Low-Input System (FNC95-89)
Converting Continuous Grazing to Managed Grazing (FNC95-127)
Tar Box Hollow Living Prairie (FNC95-126)
Evaluation of Kura Clover in Intensive Grazing Systems (FNC95-124)
Establishing Legumes in Cool Season Grass Pastures (FNC95-123)
Stockpiling Pasture by Interseeding Annual Rye into Existing Pasture (FNC95-122)
Orchard Mason Bees: Collection and Use in Southwest Wisconsin (FNC95-121)
Free-Range Poultry Production and Management (FNC95-118)
Measuring the Rate of Benefit Accrual Due to Adoption of a Management-Intensive Grazing System on a North Missouri Hill Farm (FNC95-115)
Suitability of Non-Native Hardy Forage-Adapted Mutton Sheep to a North American Management- Intensive Grazing System (FNC95-100)
Pasture-Based Beef Finishing Systems (LNC94-76)
Improving Sustainability of Cow/Calf Operations with Natural Forage Systems (LNC94-74)
Comparing Finisher Pig Performance in a New Low-Cost Canvas Shelter as Compared to Conventional Confinement Barns (FNC94-062)
Multi-Phase Swedish-Style Hog Structure with Attached Pastures (FNC94-88)
Evaluation of an Alternative Farming Concept Strip Cropping and Pasture-Raised Hogs (FNC94-84)
On-Farm Composting of Livestock Manure (FNC94-83A)
Pasture-Raised Poultry and Hogs (FNC94-81)
Low-Cost Waste Management in Beef Cattle Operation (FNC94-79)
Incorporating Rotational Grazing into Conventional Dairy Enterprise (FNC94-78)
Composting Swine Carcasses (FNC94-77)
Low-Input Portable Sheep Dairying (FNC94-76)
Alternative Use of CRP Acres: Grass Fat Lambs (FNC94-71)
CRP Research Project - Comparing Alternative Uses of CRP Acres (FNC94-69)
On-Farm Grazing Systems Research and Development of Intensive Grazing Software (FNC94-67)
Pasture Renovation and Reseeding (FNC94-66)
Improving Native Wet Meadows (FNC94-64A)
Utilizing Chopped Wasted Paper for Bedding in Hog Operation (FNC94-62)
Livestock Watering System (FNC94-61)
Establishment of Cool Season Pasture in Nebraska Sandhills (FNC94-59)
Low-Input Beef Cattle Systems of Production (LNC93-54)
Evaluating Various Forage Combinations in a Rotational Grazing System (FNC93-57)
Evaluating Various Forage Combinations in a Rotational Grazing System (FNC93-55)
Evaluating Different Forages in Rotational Grazing Systems (FNC93-54)
Establishment of Warm Season Grasses and Interseeding Legumes into Cool Season Pastures (FNC93-53)
Transition from Confinement to Grazing in Beef Cattle Production (FNC93-47)
Evaluating Forages in Rotational Grazing System for Dairy (FNC93-43)
Developing Dairy Heifers on Pasture (FNC93-40)
Manure Composting in Dairy Operation (FNC93-37)
Model Watering System for Rotational Grazing (FNC93-36)
Intensive Rotational Grazing for Sheep (FNC93-35)
Evaluating Productivity of Various Pasture Species by Utilizing Comsec Pasture, Gauge and Bulk Density Plates (FNC93-33)
Evaluating and Comparing Beef Cattle Grazing Systems (FNC93-32)
Rotational Grazing Systems for Wisconsin and Minnesota Dairy Farmers: An Evaluation of Animal and Forage Performance and Whole-Farm Socio-Economic Analyses (LNC92-53)
Training for Forage Production and Intensive Grazing on Highly Erodible Land After CRP Contracts (LNC92-51)
Intensive Rotational Grazing System in the Flint Hills of Kansas (FNC92-23)
Establishment of Native Warm and Cool Season Grasses on Highly Erodible Land (FNC92-22)
Evaluation of Rotational Grazing in Established Mixed-Grass Pasture, and Interseeding Legumes into Winter Wheat (FNC92-20)
Evaluating Rotational Grazing in the Development of Replacement Dairy Heifers (FNC92-19)
Fall-Sown Rye for Fall and Spring Grazing and Green Manure (FNC92-17)
Evaluation of Forages in Rotational Grazing System for Dairy (FNC92-10)
Comparing Various Grasses and Legumes for Dairy Cattle in a Rotational Grazing System (FNC92-08)
Evaluation of Various New Zealand Forages in Sheep Production (FNC92-06)
Planned Grazing Systems for Sustainable Livestock Production (LNC91-38)
Demonstration of Livestock Grazing as an Alternative to Row Crops on Highly Erodible Land Following CRP Contracts (LNC91-36)
Ruminant Production Systems Inter-Related with Non-Traditional Crop Management (LNC90-30)
The Krusenbaum Farm -- A Case Study and Model in the Establishment of an Organic Dairy Farm (LNC90-28)
Rotational Grazing Systems for Wisconsin and Minnesota Dairy Farmers -- An Evaluation of Animal and Forage Performance and Whole-Farm Socio-Economic Analysis (LNC90-27)
Performance and Economics of a Low-Input Farrow to Feeder Swine Operation (LNC88-20)
Low-Input Beef Cattle Systems of Production (LNC88-19)

Northeast Region Animal Production Projects
North Central

Eastern Gamagrass Determining its Feasibility as a Forage Crop for the Northeast (LNE97-96)
Efficacy Evaluation of Homeopathic Nosodes for Mastitis and Calf Scours, and Documentation of Homeopathic Practices in Organic and Conventional Dairy Production (LNE97-86)
Mixed Field Forage (FNE97-187)
Development of NOFA Certified Pastured Poultry Contractual Company to Diversify and Revitalize Vermont Agricultural Industry (FNE97-181)
Composting Tobacco Stalks Using PAW (Passive Aerated Windrow) System (FNE97-165)
Evaluating a Heat Therapeutic Control of the Honey Bee Mite Varroa Jacobsoni (LNE96-66)
Establishing an Integrated Rotational Grazing & Watering System (FNE96-156)
Full Capitalization of Water Resources (FNE96-150)
Improving Aquaculture Productivity & Safety with Dockside Elevator Systems (FNE96-148)
Crownvetch Living Mulch Grazing (FNE96-134)
4-H Sustainable Approach to Raising Beef (FNE96-125)
Use of a Biological Filter in a Recirculating Aquaculture System (FNE96-121)
Minimizing Equipment Costs on a Grazing Farm (FNE96-120)
Maximizing the Benefit of Rotational Pasture by Using a Combination of Early Calving and Creep Feeding Heavy Calves Barley on Pasture (FNE96-119)
Managing Dairy Waste Using Constructed Wetlands & Composting (LNE95-62)
Control of Gastrointestinal Nematodes in Dairy Cattle Under Intensive Rotational Grazing Management (LNE95-55)
Expanding Profits for Sheep Production Through Intensive Pasture Management (LNE95-54)
Fescue Endophyte Research Study (LNE95-52)
Canaan Valley Agricultural Cooperative Waste Management Project (FNE95-88)
Towards Aquaculture (FNE95-83)
Quick Protein (FNE95-113)
Once Daily Milking - Organic Dairy Herd (FNE95-112)
Expanding Profits for Vermont Sheep Production through Intensive Pasture Management (LNE94-47)
Improving Pollination for the Northeast: On-Farm Testing, Demonstration and Management of the Alfalfa Leafcutting Bee (LNE94-46)
Increasing the Sustainability of Dairy Farms by Improving Persistence of White Clover in Pastures (in co-op 94-15) (LNE94-45)
Optimizing Use of Grass on Dairy Farms for Environmental/Economic Sustainability (in co-op 94-08) (LNE94-42)
Nutrient Management on Maine Dairy Farms (ANE94-20)
Solar Heated Aquaculture System (FNE94-62)
Aeration to Improve Sod Development (FNE94-61)
Raising Lambs on Fresh Goats Milk (FNE94-56)
Evaluating Hoophouses for Rotationally Grazed Turkeys (FNE94-51)
Garlic: The Natural Wormer (FNE94-46)
Minor Breed Turkeys --Growth Rate and Eating Qualities (FNE94-38)
Mountain Sheep Project (FNE93-23)
Evaluation of Puna Chicory Overseeding in Sheep Pasture in Central New York (FNE93-21)
Evaluation of the Economic and Environmental Impact of Amino Acid Based Laying Rations (FNE93-09)
The Use of Rotational Grazing in the Production of Lambs for the Hothouse Market (FNE93-02)
Integrated Kenaf, Broiler Manure and Beef Production Systems (ANE92-14)
An Integrated Response to Pollination-Related Problems Resulting from Parasitic Honey-Bee Mites, the Africanized Honey Bee, and Honey-Bee Pathogens (LNE91-27)
Improving Milk Quality and Animal Health By Efficient Pasture Management (LNE89-17)
Ruminant Animal Production Using Tyfon Forage Brassica (LNE89-12)
Northeastern Dairy Farm Forage Demonstration Project (LNE88-06)
Improving Farm Profitability by Efficiently Using the Pasture Resource (LNE88-02)

Southern Region Animal Production Projects
North Central

Integration of Freshwater Prawn Nursery and Growout Systems Into Diversified Systems (LS97-89)
Evaluation of a Low-Cost Innovative Ensiling System for Small- to Medium-Sized Dairy Operations (FS97-64)
Algae-Based Winter Feed for Small-Scale Goat Farm Operations (FS97-61)
Managed Grazing System to Increase Sustainability (FS97-56)
Overwintering Survival of Kentucky Honeybees (FS97-55)
Forest Site Preparation with Swine (FS97-54)
Cool Season and Warm Season Grasses to Stabilize Erodible Soils and Increase Profitability (FS97-53)
Effect of Different Application Rates of Swine Lagoon Effluent on Corn and Wheat (FS97-51)
Integration of Pastured Poultry Production into the Farming Systems of Limited Resource Farmers (LS96-76)
Grazing Alternatives to Tall Fescue for Stocker Cattle (FS96-45)
Can Organically Managed Native Warm Season Grasses Provide a Sustainable and More Cost Effective Hay Source for a Family Operated Goat Dairy than Input Intensive Annual Sorghum/Sudan Grass Crosses? (FS96-36)
Aquaculture Conversion Model Emphasizing Poultry and Hog Facilities Re-Use and Recycled On-farm Resources (FS96-35)
The Development of Pasture-Based Swine Production Systems for Limited Resource Farms in the Mississippi Delta (LS95-67)
Hydroponic Vegetable Production in Conjunction with a Trout Farming Operation (FS95-34)
Management of Artificial and Restored Wetlands to Improve Water Quality (FS95-30)
Regional Center for Sustainable Dairy Farming (LS94-63)
Shrimp Polyculture in Existing Farms (FS94-17)
Swine Lagoon Management System (FS94-12)
Meat Goats for Weed Control and Alternative Income in Cattle Operations (FS94-08)
Nutrient Evaluation and On-Site Composting of Poultry Litter (FS94-04)
Development of Guidelines for and Demonstration of Efficient Treatment of Swine Lagoon Wastewater by Constructed Wetlands (AS94-16)
Integrated Grazing Systems Planning and Decision Support for Improved Sustainability and Environmental Quality (AS94-15)
Forage, Biomass and Biogas Integrated Systems for Animal Waste Management (AS94-14)
Waste Management Systems for Loafing Areas in Dairies (AS94-12)
Evaluation of Low-Input, No-Till, No-Herbicide Continuous Grazing System for Dairy Cows (LS93-54)
Utilization of Dairy Manure in Low-input, Conservation Tillage Animal Feed Production Systems (LS93-52)
Swine Waste -- Low-Cost Alternative to Commercial Fertilizer for Production of Forage for Grazing Cattle (LS90-26)
Development of an Environmentally Safe and Economically Sustainable Year-Round Minimum Tillage Forage Production System Using Farm Animal Manure as the Only Fertilizer (LS90-24)
Development of a Plan for Implementing a Low-Input Sustainable Forage Production System in the Oklahoma-Arkansas Ozark Highland Region and Similar Land Areas (LS89-19)

Western Region Animal Production Projects
North Central

Management, Impact and Economics of Beef Cattle Grazing in Mountain Riparian Ecosystems (SW97-10)
Pasture Fryer Chickens (FW97-045)
Paradise Time Controlled Grazing (FW97-044)
Perennial Grass Establishment in Existing Alfalfa (FW97-032)
Vegetation Management on Small Acreages Using Short Duration, Intensive, Rotational Grazing (FW97-019)
Individual Confinement Rearing vs. Pasture-Based Group Rearing of Dairy Calves (FW97-012)
Controlled Grazing on Foothill Rangelands (SW96-21)
Reducing Environmental Contamination from Feedlot Manure in the South Platte River Basin through Agronomic, Economic, and Social Analysis and Education (SW96-07)
Vegetative Changes through Alternative Water Sources (FW96-083)
Pig Manure Control and Utilization Project (FW96-079)
Evaluation of Grass Species for Improved Pasture Management (FW96-073)
Dry-Extrusion of Wet Garbage for Swine Feeding (FW96-0029)
Tall Stature Grasses for Winter Grazing and Spring Calving (FW96-023)
Moving Succession Forward in a Lahmann Lovegrass Monoculture (FW96-010)
Increasing the Value of Irrigated Pastures (FW96-001)
Extending the Grazing Season and Integrating Crops and Livestock to Sustain Small Farms and Ranches in the Southern Rockies (SW95-18)
Sustainable Rangeland Based Beef Cattle Production Systems (SW95-07)
A Livestock Production System Less Reliant on the Use of Publicly Owned Lands (SW95-06)
Cattle Grazing Dispersion Methods and Riparian Ecosystems (AW95-102)
Influencing Elk and Livestock Riparian Use (FW95-093)
Pasture Aeration and Fertilizer Study (FW95-084)
Integrated Management to Improve Rangeland Health and Reduce Noxious Weeds (FW95-045)
Parasite and Nutrient Management of Composted Manure (FW95-027)
Carter-Fallon Forage Committee Range/ Livestock Project (FW95-026)
Gila Permitees Association Elk Study(FW95-017)
Managing Riparian Areas with Remote Livestock Watering Facilities (FW95-008)
Management of an On-Farm Composting System (AW94-10)
Compatibility of Livestock and Water Birds on Improved Pastures (AW94-03)
Range Monitoring in the Upper Stony Creek Watershed (AW93-12)
Integration of Aquaculture into an Irrigated Farm to Improve Efficiency of Water and Nutrient Use (AW91-02)
Planning Funds to Develop a Proposal on Low-Input Animal/Range Systems (LW88-08)

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