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The New American Farmer, 2nd Edition

Opportunities in Agriculture Bulletin

Voices from the New American Farmers

Learn more about what drives farmers and ranchers trying to produce in ways that are profitable, environmentally sound and good for people and communities.

Rossneau and Loretta Ealom Rossneau & Loretta Ealom, Elkton, Ky. (Vegetables/Value-added products)
“I marvel at the way things grow and how they go about it….”

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Mark Frasier Mark Frasier, Woodrow, Colo. (Grass-fed cow/calf ranch)
“…It’s exciting to know there are more doors opening for producers.”

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Betsy and Alex Hitt Alex & Betsy Hitt, Graham, N.C. (Direct-market vegetables)
“We both think sustainability is the future of agriculture…”

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Karl Kupersdf Karl Kupers, Harrington, Wash. (Shepherd’s Grain Co-op)
“I love the joy you get when you re-connect to the consumer.”

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Paul Muller

Paul Muller, Guinda, Calif. (Community-supported agriculture)
“We’re trying to figure out how to make something that will last and our children can appreciate and enjoy.”

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Peggy Sechrist Peggy Sechrist, Fredericksburg, Texas (Organic beef)
“An area of passion for me is connecting people to each other.”

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Tom Trantham Tom Trantham, Pelzer, S.C. (Grass-fed dairy)
“You know when you sow a seed in the soil, the return from that is going to be a wonderful thing.”

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