Cover Crops: Crop Rotations

Cover Crops: Crop Rotations

Cover Crops: Crop Rotations

Success with cover crops relies on carefully planning how to fit them into your cash crop rotation.

Article: Crop Rotation with Cover Crops

One of the biggest challenges of cover cropping is to fit cover crops into your current rotations, or to develop new rotations that take full advantage of their benefits. One crop rotation system might be easily adapted to fit your existing crops, equipment and management. Other systems may point out ways that you can modify your rotation to make the addition of cover crops more profitable and practical. Read more. (Note: this article is from the book Managing Cover Crops Profitably.)

Cover Crops in Soybean Rotations


If you are a soybean farmer who plants or is thinking about planting cover crops in your rotation, or are a CCA/agronomist who is expanding cover crop services to soybean farmers, this publication has been written for you.

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Crop Rotation on Organic Farms


Crop rotation strategies that can be applied under various field conditions for conventional or organic crops to improve soil quality and health, and manage pests, diseases, and weeds

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Sustainable Crop Rotations with Cover Crops


This fact sheet provides information about specific attributes of different cover crops grown after each cash crop.

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Growing Cover Crops with a Cash Crop


Dan Forgey describes how he grows cover crop mixes in synch with a cash crop of corn, and gets strong yields without chemical fertilizer.

Also, visit SARE's database for reports on these research projects:

Dig deeper into cover crops research: SARE has funded hundreds of research and education projects related to cover crops since 1988. This topic room features only a glimpse into SARE's entire portfolio of cover crop research. To discover more, visit SARE's database of projects and conduct full text or advanced keyword searches.


Farmers Say Cover Crops Work

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From increasing yield to improving soil health, find out why farmers use cover crops. For three years, SARE and partner organizations have conducted a national survey of farmers on their experiences with cover crops.

2012-2013 Survey: Summary and report (PDF).

2013-2014 Survey: Summary and report (PDF).

2014-2015 Survey: Summary and report (PDF).


Cover Crop Innovators Series

Watch 10 short videos of innovative Midwestern farmers describing how they have successfully added cover crops to their cash crop rotations. Learn more.


Are you an ag educator or farmer interested in sharing the Cover Crop Topic Room at an event? Consider using this one-page flyer (PDF) or the four-page topic brief, Cover Crops for Sustainable Crop Rotations.