Use of Compost for Horse Bedding

Use of Compost for Horse Bedding

Use of Compost for Horse Bedding

Tens of thousands of horses in Snohomish County means a very large volume of manure, and the piles of stall waste generated from some of the larger equine facilities are phenomenal in both size and potential environmental risk. With high annual rainfall and an abundance of perennial streams, wetlands and lakes in western Washington, the potential for adverse impact to aquatic wildlife and water resources is significant. The project was developed as a way to encourage horse owners and managers to improve manure management, reduce off-farm inputs and operating expenses and develop sustainable land management practices.

This video describes the project and how to use compost as horse bedding.

Want more information? See the related SARE grant(s) OW11-315, Composted Horse Manure and Stall Bedding Pilot Project .

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