Powerpoint: Efficiency of Alternate Furrow Irri...

Powerpoint: Efficiency of Alternate Furrow Irrigation Is It an Alternative?

Powerpoint: Efficiency of Alternate Furrow Irrigation Is It an Alternative?

Very promising results were obtained from the 2010 and 2011 trials on alternate furrow irrigation for increasing crop water use efficiency in tomatoes without a yield decrease. The collaboration between an industry leader, Campbell Research and Development, and the Jackson Lab at UC Davis was conducive to outreach to stakeholders involved in agricultural and environmental sustainability and tomato production. Trials evaluated yield and cultivar response to alternate furrow irrigation, i.e., one furrow of a bed receives water at each irrigation to every furrow irrigation. Results suggest that higher water use efficiency (yield/water applied) is possible due to irrigation reductions of at least 25% in on-farm trials. Cultivars’ performance was mostly similar between irrigation treatments. Alternate furrow irrigation is a way to use less water without a decrease in yield or fruit quality and without investment in technology such as drip irrigation.

Want more information? See the related SARE grant(s) GW10-010, Irrigation Alternatives for Sustainable Water Use of Processing Tomatoes .

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