Bridging the Gap Between Low-Income Consumers a...

Bridging the Gap Between Low-Income Consumers and Local Farmers

Bridging the Gap Between Low-Income Consumers and Local Farmers

Unfortunately, low-income consumers are often left out of conversations about how to improve the local food system. So, Post Oil Solutions engaged low-income consumers and local farmers in a conversation about how to create a system that would be beneficial to both parties. They came up with The Neighborhood Market, a weekly produce program where community members can purchase locally produced fruits and vegetables at a lower price. The model increased market opportunities for participating farmers and increased accessibility to local produce for low-income consumers.  

This “Tip-Sheet” shares lessons learned based on the development of the Neighborhood Market program as it attempts to bridge the gap between low-income consumers and local farmers.  

Want more information? See the related SARE grant(s) CNE11-084, Market Basket .

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