Nitrogen Management with Cover Crop Mixtures

Nitrogen Management with Cover Crop Mixtures

Nitrogen Management with Cover Crop Mixtures

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This presentation reviews how the characteristics of different cover crop types, including winter-hardy and winter-killed grasses and legumes, can be used to assemble a mixed-species cover crop planting that balances nitrogen retention over the winter with nitrogen supply to the next crop.  Charlie White, of Penn State Extension, presents case studies of how mixtures of different cover crop types performed at supplying nitrogen to a following corn crop and reducing nitrate leaching into the subsoil. Tools to assess nitrogen supplied by cover crops to the next cash crop are also discussed.

Watch the webinar now (recorded March 25, 2013).

About this Series

This webinar is part of the Cover Crop Innovations Webinar Series, hosted by Penn State Extension in winter 2013. Other webinars in the series can be found here.

The Cover Crop Innovations Webinar Series is a component of the training initiative sponsored by the Northeast SARE Pennsylvania State Program. More information about the training initiative is available here.

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