Invertebrate Pests and Their Natural Enemies in...

Invertebrate Pests and Their Natural Enemies in Conservation Tillage Cropping Systems

Invertebrate Pests and Their Natural Enemies in Conservation Tillage Cropping Systems

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Dr. Mary Barbercheck and Maggie Douglas have been studying the effects of cover crops on pests and their natural enemies in high-residue conservation tillage settings, both conventional and organic. In this webinar, learn the basics about key early season insect and slug pests that can pose problems in conservation tillage systems with high amounts of cover crop residues and how crop management practices can help reduce pest damage. Also, learn about ongoing research into naturally-occurring predators of early season insects and slugs and how best to conserve them.

Watch the webinar now (recorded March 11, 2013).

About this Series

This webinar is part of the Cover Crop Innovations Webinar Series, hosted by Penn State Extension in winter 2013. Other webinars in the series can be found here.

The Cover Crop Innovations Webinar Series is a component of the training initiative sponsored by the Northeast SARE Pennsylvania State Program. More information about the training initiative is available here.

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