Video: Reduced Tillage Systems for Organic Vege...

Video: Reduced Tillage Systems for Organic Vegetable Production

Video: Reduced Tillage Systems for Organic Vegetable Production

In this video, Iowa State University graduate student, Dana Jokela, talks about the research he conducted through an NCR-SARE Graduate Student Grant to compare no tillage, strip tillage, and conventional tillage in the organic production of broccoli and bell pepper to determine their effects on yield, soil health, and cropping system profitability.

New research efforts are developing no-till organic vegetable and field crops systems that are saving farmers tons of soil and reducing weed control costs.

Want more information? See the related SARE grant(s) GNC14-189, No-till and Strip-till Systems for Enhanced Soil Health and Profitability in Organic Broccoli and Pepper Production .

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Year: 2014
Author(s): Dana Jokela
Location: Iowa | North Central
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