SANET-MG is a public discussion group maintained by SARE Outreach for the SARE program to facilitate sustainable agriculture information exchange. Discussions focus on practical and philosophical topics associated with farming systems that are profitable, environmentally sound and good for communities. Messages can include newsletters, announcements, opinions and requests for information. A typical posting to SANET-MG is a question about a specific concept or practice posed by a subscriber. Responses can be to the individual or to the group.

Participation in this group constitutes agreement to comply with the Terms of Use. Please observe the SANET-iquette Guidelines for participating in a responsible and courteous manner. 

SARE Outreach operates under a Cooperative Agreement with USDA-NIFA to develop and disseminate information for the SARE program. The views, opinions expressed on SANET-MG are solely the responsibility of the original sender and do not reflect the opinions or policies of SARE or the USDA.

In continuous operation since October 1991, SANET-MG migrated to Google Groups on 10/1/2015. Archives prior to 10/1/2015 are currently unavailable.


SANET-MG etiquette guidelines.

Terms of Use

SANET terms of use.

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