Videos from the Field

Videos from the Field

Videos from the Field

SARE, in partnership with Cooking Up A Story, has produced a series of how-to videos showcasing production and marketing practices used by some of the nation’s most successful sustainable farmers and ranchers. Taking the viewer on a journey with the producer, each video demonstrates an innovative strategy developed with SARE support, showing how producers everywhere can boost profits, protect their land and water and revitalize communities.

SARE’s From the Field videos are available through Cooking Up A Story’s searchable archive. The videos produced to date can also be viewed directly below.

  Video Title Featured Producer(s)
An old windmill and cows on Texas High Plains
The Ogallala Aquifer of the Texas High Plains: A Race Against Time (26:32) The Texas Alliance for Water Conservation
Dan Forgey_NoTillFarmer

Adding Cover Crops to a No-Till System (14:48)

Growing Cover Crops with a Cash Crop (2:11)

No-Till Farmer: Steward of the Land (5:10)

Dan Forgey (Gettysburg, South Dakota)
Man on tractor

Energy Independence: On-Farm Biodiesel Fuel Production (16:03)

Growing Biodiesel Crops: A Couple of Tips (1:31)

Roger Rainville (Alburgh, Vermont)

Direct Marketing for Farmers and Ranchers (13:55)

Connecting with Customers (2:28)

Cattle, Sheep, Grain and Hay: The Imperial Stock Ranch Story (4:32)

Jeanne and Dan Carver (Shaniko, Oregon)
Steven Schwen_Greenhouse Design

Thermal Banking Greenhouses (14:12)

Thermal Banking for Cold Storage (2:15)

Earthen Path Organic Farm (6:11)

Steven Schwen (Lake City, Minnesota)
Cows walking in pasture.

Sustainable 12 Aprils Dairy Grazing Program (16:16)

Total Mix Ration Feed for Dairy Cows (2:15)

Tom Trantham (Pelzer, South Carolina)

Building Soils for Better Crops, 3rd Edition

Sustainable Soil Management

Type: Book

Building Soils for Better Crops is a one-of-a-kind, practical guide to ecological soil management, now expanded and in full color.

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