Direct-Market Successes II

Direct-Market Successes II

Direct-Market Successes II

A Midwest Homecoming Conference Session
direct marketing successes II

Individual presentations from the Direct-Market Successes II session were:

I. Culinary Markets

Follow along with an herb farmer who worked through the challenges of setting up a sideline culinary and ornamental herb business focused on supplying quality, hard-to-find products. 
Joanna Rauch, Everyday Herbs

II. Three Little Fishes

Join a grain and dairy farmer who added aquaculture to her farm. She shares the experiences of converting to prawn production, then intercropping other fish. 
Brenda Lyons, Lyons Fisheries, Sandoval, Ill.

III. A Taste of the Hawaiian Range

To fill the gap left by the sugar and large-scale beef industries, Hawaii Extension began fostering sustainable cattle enterprises, working with chefs and consumers to develop demand for highquality meats. Learn the keys to the program's decade-long success. 
Glen K. Fukumoto, University of Hawaii-Manoa

IV. 12 Trees

Online presentation

The 12 Trees Project pairs farmers and chefs in Hawaii to grow and serve 12 species of exotic tropical fruit grown throughout the year to develop a steady supply and reduce labor. Learn about their demonstration orchard and student chef program. 
Ken Love and Richard Bowen, University of Hawaii

This session was part of the national SARE conference A Midwest Homecoming, held August 15-17, 2006 in Oconomowoc, Wisc.

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