Advanced Marketing

Advanced Marketing

Advanced Marketing

A Midwest Homecoming Conference Session
advanced marketing

Individual presentations from the Advanced Marketing session were on:

I. Pasture-Raised Meats: Financial Realities and Off-Season Sales 
An honest and realistic assessment of a farm family's financial and marketing experiences with pasture-finished meat, including the challenges and solutions for equitable cash flow in this mostly seasonal enterprise. 
Tom Wrchota, Cattleana Ranch, Omro, Wis.

 II. The Farm and Ranch Survival Kit

Susan_Kerr.pdf 1.43 MB

Consider farm financial risk management tools in a user-friendly format focusing on enterprise diversification, marketing strategies, financial analysis and farm succession planning. 
Brian Tuck, Oregon State University
Susan R. Kerr, Washington State University Extension

 III. Mentor Networks for Ranchers

Share the experiences of a group of ranchers who, facing an aging population and absentee ownership, developed a 10-rancher network to share ideas and mentor future ranchers. 
O. Lynn Myers, Nebraska Grazing Land Coalition/Tippetts-Myers Ranch
Brad Bequin, Chadron State College 

 IV. Farm Credit

Want greater access to credit? See the results of surveys and workshops that might move farmers and would-be creditors closer together to make a better business out of sustainable farming. 
Caroline van Schaik, Land Stewardship Project

This session was part of the national SARE conference A Midwest Homecoming, held August 15-17, 2006 in Oconomowoc, Wisc.

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